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Portrait Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer
Portrait Heiko Koller
Heiko Koller

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends 

We are very much pleased to invite you to attend the 39th annual Meeting of the Cervical Spine research Society-Europe from June 5 - 7, 2024 in Vienna, Austria. 

The Annual Meeting of the CSRS – Europe is the premier spine meeting exclusively devoted to cervical spine topics, an unrivaled opportunity to meet and hear from experts in cervical spine surgery, attend thrilling debates and ‘round table‘-as well as the most recent scientific evidence in treating cervical spine pathologies will be presented during this 3- day meeting.  

The meeting will be held at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn in the centre of the attractive city of Vienna, Austria – in the heart of Europe. The historic city of Vienna, a city with century-long history of hosting international congresses, is centrally located in Europe with easy access to all major international airports. 

One of the main topics of the meeting will be ‘‘Pathologies of the Pediatric Cervical Spine”. As they are rare which results in limited evidence of ideal diagnostic and treatment guideline, representing challenging situations for orthopedics, trauma-surgeons and neurosurgeons facing patients with them. Renown specialists in this field will present their work and cases, to help surgeons in their daily practice in “Planning Surgery and Preventing Complications” – the second main topic of the meeting. As crucial for successful treatment, surgery and beyond, we are happy to present an inspiring guest lecture from someone who has to know how to survive – from a different approach and point of view. Stay tuned!  

The CSRS – Europe, together with our North American and Asia-Pacific ‘sister‘ societies, has more than 600 members worldwide. Strong bonds between these three CSRS world regions have led to the international growth of the societies. Following the difficulties meetings during the pandemic we were facing, the Annual Meeting of the CSRS Europe in Paris 2021 was the first face-to-face meeting. Attendees numbers rapidly increasing in the following again in Barcelona & Stockholm so we are highly confident that the 2024 Vienna meeting will again attract 300 to 400 surgeons and scientists from all over the world for an exciting educational programme in a charming environment. 

As local hosts and Board Members of the CSRS – Europe, we also want acknowledge at this point the successful cooperation with the industry, which enables the realization of this event. While we kindly ask our long established partners for their highly appreciated continuous support, we also want to invite new companies to join this outstanding meeting with their presence and contribution. 

The CSRS – Europe annual meeting in Vienna 2024 will be held in close conjunction with Conventus, an experienced congress organiser, who will ensure a seamless and professional running of this key CSRS event. 

It would be highly appreciated if you would consider joining us on our forthcoming annual meeting! 

Michael Mayer 
Conference Chair and Member of the Board of CSRS – Europe 

Heiko Koller 
Co-Chair and Past-President of CSRS – Europe